Stewartby- 21/22 April UK Masters & Christobel Green Hydro Memorial Trophy

UK Masters Championship - Stewartby - 21/22 April
We will be hosting the UK Masters Championship in two weeks - and hope that having it a little earlier in the season will mean much better entry numbers as the National Championship hasn't begun.
Classes are confirms as follows:-

Christobel Green Hydro Memorial Trophy - all OSY/Outboards
GT15 UK Masters Trophy
GT30 UK Masters Trophy
F4 UK Masters Trophy
T850 - if sufficient entries will run for a trophy, if not they will run with the F4 class

There will be a total of six races for each class during the weekend - with three races each day. This means you really will get your money's worth with plenty of time on the water.

Drivers meeting will be 9.45am each day.

It would be helpful if you could confirm whether you are planning to attend (or not) so we can schedule a timetable for the weekend.